Jaipur Jeweller turns vegetable vendor to survive lockdown


From the glittering jewellery show room to a vegetable shop may be a far cry but that is exactly what has happened with Hukumchand Soni, who has converted his jewellery show room in Jaipur to a vegetable shop.  

Soni’s shop, which once filled with expensive ornaments, is now occupied by vegetables and fruits. The GP Jewellery Shop in Jaipur's Ram Nagar has undergone a radical transformation to adapt to the lockdown imposed by the government to fight the coronavirus pandemic. 

Soni, who used to make a living for him and his family for the last 25 years by selling small jewellery items like rings and repairing damaged ornaments, was forced to convert his shop into a vegetable outlet after the lockdown brought his family to the brink of starvation.

It's been four days since I started selling vegetables. This is the only way I can survive the lockdown that shattered my life, Soni told PTI.

I have no big savings, no big capital, so I started selling vegetables, Soni said adding that his jewellery shop was not big but enough to run his family.

After the lockdown began on March 25, all non-essential shops and services were ordered shut and Soni managed for a few weeks but now, he said, he has to find means within the available options to run his household.

The only earning member in the family, Soni said it was not an easy decision to become a vegetable vendor.

“At least I am earning now. It is better than sitting at home and doing nothing. I have to pay the rent for the shop. I have to take care of my mother and the family of my younger brother who passed away”, he said.

He said he goes to the local mandi every day to get his supplies and transports them to his shop in a hired tempo-rickshaw. I only know that work is worship. That's it.

Soni is not alone in giving up his profession and go for different things to sustain their livelihood. Hundres like him have started searching new pastures for earning their bread. Soni converted his jewellery shops a week aftrer a famous magician in Rajasthan took to vegetable selling to earn his livelihood, according to Times of India.

Popularly known as R J Samrat Jadugar on stage, Raju Mahor has been selling vegetables in the congested lanes of his town in Rajasthan. A father of three, the 38-year-old, Mahor said that the prolonged lockdown phase has forced him to turn into a vegetable vendor in Dholpur, Rajasthan. 

The magician expressed that running the family has turned out to be a challenge as sitting at home without a source of income and liabilities like paying rent left him with no option than to sell vegetables for survival (with inputs from PTI).


Image Credit: Justdial

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