Karnataka government permits pubs, clubs and bars to sell liquor till May 17

South India

After more than 40 days of lockdown, the Karnataka government had finally agreed to resume sales from May 4 but had said that only about 4,500 standalone liquor stores could sell

The Karnataka government has allowed restaurants, pubs and bars to sell liquor in takeaway form at retail prices from May 10 till May 17.

The state had earlier allowed liquor shops to re-open from May 4 after more than 40 days in line with centre's fresh guidelines to revive economy hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Sales had scaled new heights with tipplers, who were forced indoors due to the lockdown, queued up for stocking the alcohol.

The sales had created a single-day record of Rs 232 crore on Wednesday followed by Rs 165 crore on Thursday. However, the sales started dipping from Monday after the government hiked additional excise duty by 25-31 percent on Thursday.

According to officials of Karnataka State Beverages Corporation Ltd, the sales came down from Rs.232 crore on Thursday to Rs 165 crore on Thursday. On Thursday the state sold 27.56 lakh litres of OIndian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) priced at Rs 152 crore and 5.93 lakh liters of beer valued at Rs 13 crore, according to a Hindustan Times report.

The state government has granted permission to restaurants, bars and pubs considering the demand of the owners of these outlets to help them clear the old stocks by allowing them to sell beer and Indian-made liquor (IML) for a week between 9am and 7pm.

However, officials said they will not be allowed to sell if they are located within the containment zones. Like liquor retail outlets, pub-bar owners or club secretaries are mandated to ensure the social-distancing norms at the outlets (with inputs from agencies).

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