Kerala cop adopts pet dog that traced 2-year-old’s body in Idukki landslide

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A pet dog that traced the body of its master’s two-year-old kid trapped under the debris at the landslide site at Pettimudi in Idukki district of Kerala for eight days has got a new master.

The dog which won the hearts of rescue personnel and several others across the state has been adopted by civil police officer Ajith Madhavan into the police dog squad. Madhavan, who is also a trainer at the district police dog squad, volunteered to adopt the dog named Koovi after he saw the dog walk listlessly across the landslide site without food and water.

On Friday, he was granted permission for the same by district and forest authorities. The landslide buried the residential quarters of tea plantation workers and claimed over 60 lives. While the rescue personnel searched a riverside for the missing landslide victims, they noticed the dog staring at something floating down the river.

As one of the rescuers approached the dog, they saw that it was staring at the body of 2-year-old child called Dhanushka stuck on a tree across the river in the Gravel Bank area. The workers then pulled out her body from the river.

Since the day of the tragedy, Koovi, along with another pet dog that belonged to one of the families in the area, was seen running across the site where four rows of nearly 30 asbestos-roofed rooms stood earlier, according to an Indian Express report.

Though sniffer dogs were brought in the initial days of the rescue operations, the cold weather conditions affected them adversely. Subsequently, local pet dogs like Koovi assisted rescue personnel in detecting bodies.

Kuvi had been wandering through the debris left by the landslide that hit his master's settlement on August 6, sniffing and digging the soil, perhaps to unearth remains of its owner's house that once stood there. Only 54-year-old Karuppayi, Dhanushka's grandmother, is left alive in the family. Her father Pratheesh's body was found two days ago. Her mother Kasthoori and sister Priyadharshini are still missing.

Image Credit: Indian Express


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