Kerala CPM to send 2 lakh email messages to PM opposing privatisation of Thiruvananthapuram airport

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CPM state secretary also said that the Kerala Assembly should pass a resolution against the privatisation move

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) will send 2 lakh emails to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to protest the decision of the Centre to transfer Thiruvananthapuram airport to Adani.

CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan asked the CPM legislators and workers to take part in the campaign to prevent the airport going into the hands of a private party. A five-member team should be formed in each branch committee comprising MLAs and senior party leaders for the movement.

“The party workers would send 2 lakh email messages to the prime minister opposing the move to privatise the airport,” Balakrishnan said.

The CPM secretary also said that the Kerala Assembly should pass a resolution against the privatization move.

Balakrishnan said on Friday that the move to transfer Thiruvananthapuram airport to Adani would not be allowed at any cost and the ruling Left Democratic Front (LDF) would oppose the privatisation of the airport through mobilising people against it.

He said that Adani would not be able to take over the airport without the cooperation of the state government, he told the reporters in Thiruvananthapuram.

He alleged that the Centre eyed large scale corruption through the privatization of the airports in the country. Apart from the privatization of six airports including Thiruvananthapuram and Jaipur, the Modi government was planning to give six more airports to private players.

“The Centre is planning to hand over country’s aviation sector to private players,” Balakrishnan alleged.

Interestingly, the warring LDF and Opposition UDF over various issues including the gold smuggling case and corruption charges in state government’s housing scheme for the poor have joined hands against the privatisation move.

Kerala PCC president Mullappalli Ramachandran and Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala on Thursday said that they opposed the privatisation of Thiruvananthapuram airport.

However, even as the Kerala unit of the Congress opposed the privatisation move, Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram Shashi Tharoor shocked the party by supporting the Centre’s move.

In a tweet, Tharoor said, “My position on the airport has been consistent since before the elections. I am not a politician who says one thing to the voters and something else afterward for political convenience. Had my colleagues consulted me before taking a negative stand, I would have explained my views to them.”

He further said that he was speaking in the best interests of his constituency.

“As its MP that is my job. The people of Thiruvananthapuram want a first-class airport worthy of the city's history, status and potential. In this context, a decision, however controversial, is preferable to the long delay we have suffered,” he tweeted.

The reality is that a private entity running the operations competitively is the only way this airport could flourish. Whoever it is, the ownership of the land and airport as well as the responsibilities of the ATC, security, customs and Immigration still remains with the government agencies, he said.

While welcoming the state Congress decision to back the state government on the issue, Balakrishnan and other Left leaders in the state urged Congress to convince Tharoor over the matter.

Image credit: The Hindu

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