Kerala HC defers trial in actress attack case till November 6

South India

An actor, who has worked in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu films was attacked on February 17, 2017, when she was on her way to Kochi from her house.


The Kerala High Court has deferred the trial in actress attack case till November 6, and will consider the request for change of court by the prosecution and the victim on Friday.

The survivor actor's lawyer S Sreekumar said that the trial court had overruled the objections against questions affecting the character of the survivor, which were raised by the accused. 

“The court had allowed the objectionable questions. The transfer of the case to another court will not affect the deadline set by the Supreme Court to complete the trial, Sreekumar said.

He also added that the trial judge had made remarks against the prosecutor, reading out an anonymous letter against the latter.

“The trial judge and the prosecutor are now at loggerheads. The judge has made remarks against the prosecutor and has read out the contents of an anonymous letter against the prosecutor," the counsel submitted.

"It is not possible to continue the trial in that court in such a scenario. Since the prosecution itself has expressed doubts about the bona fides of the judge and expressed no-confidence, how can the victim place faith in the court? The victim was put to cross-examination for nine continuous days. The victim of sexual crime had to undergo another ordeal," the counsel added.

The prosecution submitted that the victim was put to several days of cross-examination before a battery of lawyers of the accused. 

The prosecutor also informed HC that unwarranted remarks were made in the trial court about the conduct of the survivor.

"The Supreme Court judgment allowing access to accused actor Dileep to the memory card did not exclude the prosecution. The SC said that a copy of the FSL report should be given to all concerned. But the trial court did not serve a copy of the report on the prosecution. The entire sequence of events shows that the trial is not being done in a fair manner. In such a backdrop, what is the point in conducting the trial," the prosecution added.

The prosecutor told the High Court that such proceedings, unheard of in a criminal trial, showed that the trial was not being conducted in a fair manner.

The single bench of Justice VG Arun said that he is posting the matter for hearing on Friday and the trial will be deferred till that day.

Justice VG Arun asked if all the incidents mentioned by the survivor's lawyer reflect bias on the part of the judge of the trial court. The prosecutor suggested that the bench ask for a report from the trial judge to see if they are still interested in continuing with the case amid the controversy.

An actor, who has worked in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu films was attacked on February 17, 2017, when she was on her way to Kochi from her house.

While, a gang of criminals led by Pulsar Suni, who is the prime accused, took her hostage and was allegedly molested her inside the car for two hours, took pictures and visuals of the attack.

Following, she was dropped to a director's house nearby. Later, she had filed a complaint with the police on the very same day.


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