Kerala Koodathai serial murder accused attempts ‘suicide’ in prison

South India

KOZHIKODE: Jolly Joseph, the prime accused in Kerala’s Koodathai serial murder case, has been admitted to the Kozhikode Medical College Hospital with her wrist found slit.

The woman claimed that she had slit her wrist with her teeth in order to end her life. However, doctors treating her said that the injury was caused by a blunt object.

The police have refused to accept the suicide theory since it came a couple of days after a meeting with her advocate. Sources in the police believe that this could be an attempt to establish that she was mentally ill in order to avert a harsher punishment.  

Officials at the Kozhikode district jail said that the woman had not exhibited any suicidal tendencies in the past. “However, we give regular counselling,” he said. “Even yesterday [Wednesday], there was a session.” He added that the prisoner will be brought back once she recovers.

Jolly and her two accomplices were arrested by the Kerala Police in October for the murder of six of her family members, including her former husband and parents-in-law, by poisoning their food with cyanide. The murders were planned and executed over a span of 14 years, between 2002 and 2016.

Police said her Jolly’s jail inmates had found her bleeding in her prison on Thursday and alerted the jail authorities. She was immediately taken to the district hospital and was subsequently referred to the Medical College in Kozhikode. Her condition is reportedly stable.

Jolly, the wife of Roy Thomas who died in 2011, reportedly admitted to poisoning the family. She was found responsible for the murder of Roy Thomas, father-in-law Tom Thomas, mother-in-law Annamma Thomas, Annamma’s brother Matthew Manchadiyil and two other relatives.

The conspiracy in the deaths was exposed after Rojo, Tom Thomas’s son, filed a complaint with the police, and sought a fresh investigation into the suspicious deaths in his family.

The post-mortem report of Roy Thomas confirmed traces of cyanide in his body along with undigested food. Jolly’s accomplices, MS Mathew and Prajikumar, allegedly provided the cyanide to the woman.

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