Kerala NRI Commission offers help to Malayali nurse on death row in Yemen

South India

KOCHI: Kerala NRI Commission has offered help to Nimisha Priya, a nurse from Kollenkode in Palakkad district, who has been sentenced to death in Yemen for chopping her business partner to pieces.

Commission chairperson Justice P Bhavadasan told Manorama News channel that they will consider taking up the case after studying the details of the case. He said that the commission sitting at Kochi on May 16 will examine all possibilities for saving the life of the woman.

The news channel said that the commission chairperson had agreed to consider various options like filing an appeal against the Yemenese court verdict and compromising the case by paying the blood money to the family of the deceased.

The commission came forward to intervene in the case after Nimisha approached the state and central governments seeking their help for clemency from Yemenese authorities. In her letter to the Kerala government, the woman, who is currently lodged in a jail in Yemen, said that she was forced to take the extreme step as her business partner Talal Abdu Mahdi had used her as a sex slave.

According to details given in the letter, the torture and harassment started after she opened a nursing clinic along with him in 2014. The woman said that Talal took the entire income from the clinic running into millions and seized her passport preventing her from leaving the country.

The woman was facing the charges of killing Talal and concealing the dead body in a water tank on top of her house.  She alleged that Talal had also fabricated a marriage certificate to show their neighbours that they were married.

Nimisha was already married to a person from Kerala before leaving for Yemen. The two also have a child. In 2017, she sent back the husband and the child to Kerala and told him that she would be back to India in six months. But her husband lost contact with her two months after his return.

The central and state governments are also pursuing the case after Idukki MP Joyce George and Nenmara MLA K Babu took up the matter before the respective government. Joyce George said that the External Affairs Ministry had informed him that the Indian Embassy in Yemen was taking all possible steps to save the life of Nimisha.

An NGO has also come forward to help the woman. The lives of several Indians on death row in various Gulf countries were saved with the intervention of Indian organisations and the governments by helping their families to pay the blood money.

Three persons from the state who were on death row in Saudi Arabia for the murder of their compatriot were saved from being executed after an Indian businessman came forward to pay the blood money on their behalf in 2014.

Ten Indians, convicted of killing a Pakistani man in Abu Dhabi, were absolved of the death penalty in May 2017 after an amount of Rs 60 lakh was paid as blood money to the victim’s family by a Dubai-based businessman of Indian origin.

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