Kerala Women’s Commission files case against actor Srinivasan for insulting Anganwadi teachers

South India

Popular Malayalam actor and scriptwriter Sreenivasan has courted trouble by allegedly making derogatory remarks about Anganwadi teachers in Kerala.

Kerala Women’s Commission on Friday registered a case against the versatile actor on the basis of a complaint lodged by the association of Anganwadi teachers. He made the controversial remarks during an interview given to a local television channel, in which he hinted that the teachers are not qualified for the job.

“In Japan, teachers who know psychology and psychiatry teach kids of kintergarden and play school. Here, is it like that? Women with no education and who do not get any other jobs are made Anganwadi teachers. These kids grow amongst them, and can only grow to their standard,” the actor said in the interview.

According to the complaint, the actor used insulting comments against them. The women’s panel has asked the actor to withdraw his remarks.

A commission member said that the portrayal of the teachers by Srinivasan was wrong. More than 33,000 Anganwadi teachers in Kerala have been doing a variety of services and winning applauds from various quarters.

They were recently lauded for the work they put in during the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown.  They were the first in the country to take the initiative to deliver ingredients for mid-day meals to over three lakh children during the lockdown.

The Anganwadi teachers have also been trained to conduct virtual classes not just to children but also to expectant mothers. In a project helmed by the Women and Child Development Department in Kerala, called Koodeyundu Anganwadikal - Anganwadi workers have been involved in taking sessions for pregnant women, answering their doubts and concerns. The project which started in 2019 had to go online following the lockdown.

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