Maharashtra government orders landlords to not evict tenants


The Maharashtra government on Friday directed landlords not to evict tenants from their buildings and to put the rent on hold for at least three months with the state waging a grim battle against Covid-19 pandemic.

The direction has come in the wake of gathering of large number of migrant workers at Mumbai demanding trains to return to their native places. Majority of these people are daily wage workers who have lost their sole source of income after the government put in place the lockdown to fight the coronavirus.

Reports from the city said that many of the migrant workers were also asked by their landlords to vacate the building as they have not been able to pay the rent. They are fighting to sustain themselves and their families. With a transportation lockdown all over the country, they had no other way to get home.

While the federal and state governments are making provisions for the delivery of food and even setting up camps, these migrant laborers are not convinced that the relief measures will reach them.

Migrant workers in other states had also hit streets similarly even after Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging the people to stay where they are until the lockdown is lifted. The Prime Minister, in his appeal to the nation, had also urged citizens to be sensitive to people who work with them in their businesses. He also advised them not to sack people working for them.

Maharashtra deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar has asked all guardian ministers to ensure smooth distribution of food grains to the poor during the covid-19 lockdown so that the government is not defamed unnecessarily.

Image Credit: Indian Express


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