Mask is ultimate scientific remedy to combat COVID-19, says Karnataka Deputy CM

South India

The government has decided to impose a fine of Rs 1000 in urban areas and Rs 500 in rural areas for not wearing the mask


Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister Dr Ashwathnarayan CN on Thursday said that wearing masks was the ultimate scientific remedy to combat COVID-19.

"Wearing a mask is the ultimate remedy to prevent COVID-19. This has been proved scientifically also. The public should realise this and use the cleansed masks without negligence," Ashwathnarayan said.

“Everyone should feel duty-bound to ensure that the virus is not allowed to spread further. No one should remove the mask while conversing”, he added.

“The government does not like to impose fines for those who do not wear masks. But people should not forget to adhere to the advisories of the government" he said.

Karnataka Medical Education Minister Dr K Sudhakar on Wednesday announced that the penalty for not wearing a mask in public places has been hiked to Rs 1,000 in urban areas of the state while it is Rs 500 in rural areas.

Earlier it was Rs 200 in urban areas and Rs 100 in rural areas

This decision was taken at a meeting chaired by Medical Education Minister K Sudhakar. 

According to him, the decision has been taken after careful consideration of senior officers' recommendation.

The fine will be imposed on those not fully covering their noses and mouths with masks.

As per the report, not more than 50 people can attend social, religious, political gatherings as well as weddings and other cultural ceremonies. Actions will be initiated against the organisers or owner of the organisation if more people are found gathering.


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