Mysuru barber family 'socially boycotted' for offering haircut to members of SC-ST communities

South India

A barber in Karnataka's Hallare village in Mysuru district faced social boycott and was asked to pay Rs 50,000 fine for offering services to SC/ST communitites


A family that runs a hair-cutting salon in Hallare village of Nanjanagudu taluk is reportedly being socially-boycotted, allegedly for offering haircut to members of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities.

Barber Mallikarjun Shetty, whose family has been "socially boycotted", said that this has happened to him for the third time. He alleged that people have been torturing him for offering a haircut to members of the SC-ST community.

According to the ANI report, the leaders of the village asked him to pay a fine of Rs 50,000 for the same. Mallikarjun Shetty added that he had paid the fine earlier as well.

He alleged that a person named Channa Naik along with others were torturing him for offering services to members of SC/ST/OBC communities and that his family would have to commit suicide if the torture did not stop.

"It happened to me for the third time. I had paid a fine earlier too. One Channa Naik and others are torturing me for offering a haircut to members of the SC-ST community”, Mallikarjun Shetty, quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

According to reports, Mallikarjun Shetty also alleged that his son had been forced to speak ill about the members after being forced to drink alcohol and claimed that a video was made of the same too. 

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