One more COVID-19 death in Kerala, toll rises to 3

South India

Kerala reported one more covid-19 death on Saturday, with this three deaths have been reported in the state so far.


The 71-year-old man,a native of Cherukallayi village in Mahe municipality, died at 7.30 am, in Pariyaram Medical College in Kerala's Kannur district.

Mahe is in the Union Territory of Puducherry, though geographically located in Kerala.

The patient was admitted to the Medical College four days ago. Before that he had undergone treatment at a private hospital in Kannur.

According to the reports from the doctors, the patient had been suffering from heart disease, hypertension, and liver malfunctioning. He had developed pneumonia and was on ventilator support.

The patient died before the state could trace the origin of virus in him. He had no travel history, however he had attended several religious and wedding functions before developing fever. He had also travelled through New Mahe, Chokli and Panniyannur panchayats last month.

On March 28, Kerala's first COVID-19 death was reported from Kochi. 69-year-old- Ernakulam resident Yakub Hussain Sait died at the Ernakulam Medical College.

On March 31, 68-year-old Thiruvananthapuram native Abdul Azeez, had died at the Government Medical College Hospital Thiruvananthapuram after suffering cardiac arrest and paralysis attack.

Kerala has 239 active coronavirus cases. But 124 patients have recovered so far -the highest in India, including eight foreigners.


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