Pregnant woman in Karnataka walks for nearly 7 kilometres, delivers at dentist clinic

South India

A pregnant woman in the capital city of Karnataka walked for nearly 7 kilometres amid the coronavirus lockdown and delivered at a dentist clinic, news agency ANI reported.

The woman, who had set on foot in search of a hospital, came across the clinic and delivered the baby. The report said that the newborn was not responding but the staff in the clinic were successful in resuscitating the baby.

The mother and the baby were later sent to a hospital, where the two are reported to be out of danger. This is not first incident of people forced to walk long distances to take patients to the hospitals. There have also been incidents of people dying without getting medical care.

Seven people from Kasaragod in Kerala died following the lockdown after their ambulances carrying patients from the district to hospitals in Mangalore were not allowed to cross the border.

Kasaragod, the northernmost district of Kerala, has been dependent on Mangalore town in Karnataka for medical emergencies as it is the nearest city.

Following the Covid-19 outbreak, Karnataka has blocked the border through NH-66 ending at Thalappady in Kerala. The blockade has stopped emergency service vehicles as well. Karnataka also blocked several arterial roads between Karnataka and Kerala with mud to prohibit cross-border movement.

In another incident, a man in Kerala had to take his father in arms and walk up to a kilometre to provide him medical care earlier this week. He was forced to carry his father after the police personnel didn’t allow their auto any further citing coronavirus lockdown guidelines.

Kerala State Human Rights Commission took cognizance of the incident and registered a suo moto case in connection with the incident.

Image Credit: Asianet News

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