Prime Minister announce Rs.20 lakh crore package focused on the mantra of self-reliance


The prime minister gave sufficient indications that the current lockdown will be extended beyond May 17 but added that lockdown 4.0 will assume 'different colour and shape'.

Viewing COVID-19 an opportunity for India to make the 21st century the country’s only, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a Rs.20 lakh crore package that would empower all the sectors of the society. 

He unveiled the package, which accounts for 10 percent of India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), while addressing the nation at 8 pm on Tuesday, May 12. He said that Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will reveal details of the package, which lays thrust on self-reliance.

“We can make 21st century India’s only by becoming self-reliant. The Rs 20 lakh crore package in 2020 will speed up India’s journey to become self-reliant. It focuses on land, labour, liquidity and law. It will help farmers, small industries and MSMEs, middle class, organised and unorganised sectors,” said Modi.

“The coronavirus pandemic has taught us to become self-reliant. This is the only way forward. India’s way of becoming self-reliant will also be beneficial for the world,” he added.

The prime minister said that when the coronavirus crisis started then not even a single PPE kit was manufactured in India, only a few N95 masks were available. Today two lakh PPE kits and 2 lakh N95 masks are manufactured in India daily.

Modi said that local manufacturing has helped India during this crisis. “The crisis has taught us that local is going to help us. So, we should become vocal for local - not only buy local, but advertise it too.”

"Time has taught us that we must make 'local' the mantra of our lives. Global brands that are there today were once local too but when people there started supporting them they became global. That is why from today, every Indian must become vocal for our local," he said.

The prime minister indicated that the fourth phase of the coronavirus lockdown in India will be completely different from the earlier three phases of the lockdown. He also emphasised that social distancing remains the “biggest weapon” against the virus till a vaccine is found, and suggested that the lockdown may not be lifted entirely.

The Prime Minister also underlined that the full resumption of rail travel would not be possible and pointed out that India will have to use technology in imparting education.

This was the prime minister’s fourth address to the nation since mid-March. He had first announced the lockdown in his televised address to the nation on March 24, then announced its extension on April 14.

The address came a day after Modi held a meeting with the chief ministers where he said that states will have greater say in determining the extent of restrictions and relaxations after May 17. He had urged states to carefully examine specific geographical areas to come up with a roadmap for the next phase of lockdown and highlighted the importance of green zones in restarting economic activity.

Image Credit: Financial Express


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