Rahul Gandhi urges government not to act as a money lender but to put cash in the hands of poor


Gandhi said a 'storm' was brewing on the economic front that will cause damage and hurt many.


Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi said the Centre should stop acting like a "money lender" for its children by giving them credit instead of cash, and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reconsider the Covid-19 economic stimulus package.

In his first response to the Rs 20 lakh crore financial package announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stimulate the economy battered by the coronavirus pandemic in an interaction with media persons of regional media via video conferencing on Saturday, he said that the need of the hour was to put money in the hands of poor and vulnerable sections of society.

The Congress leader said that the most important thing now is to “fire demand and supply”. This, he said, will be possible only by putting money in the hands of the people.

“If you want to start an engine you have put fuel in the carburettor. The fuel is cash. We must have a national strategy for income. We can’t sacrifice our economy as well as our elder generation,” Gandhi was quoted by Hindustan Times as saying.

He suggested that in the short time, small and medium business, farmers, migrant labourers and people in the high-risk category need to be protected. He warned that a 'storm' was brewing on the economic front that will cause damage and hurt many.

"The storm has not come yet, it is coming and will cause big economic damage and hurt many," he said adding that if demand is not generated, the country will suffer a bigger loss economically than from the novel coronavirus.

He asked the Prime Minister to consider rolling out Congress’ NYAY, cash-for-poor scheme that was pitched as the key plank in the 2019 election, at least in urban areas. He said that the government change the name of the scheme but it should try the idea. He also demanded strengthening of MGNREGS (with inputs from agencies).

Image Credit: The Hindu

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