Rajnikanth drops immediate political plans citing health condition

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Rajnikanth indicated that he was dropping his plans due to his health condition

Tamil actor Rajinikanth on Thursday, October 29, indicated that he may not take the much-promised plunge into politics.

He indicated that he was dropping his plans due to his health condition. In a tweet, the actor cited the advice given by doctors, his present health condition after he underwent a kidney transplant and the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic for his dropping political plans.

A date after a letter, purportedly written by him in this regard created buzz in social media, the actor in a tweet on Thursday said that the letter in his name which claimed that he might not enter politics as promised on the 2018 New Year eve due to the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic and due to his health condition was true.

Three sources close to Rajinikanth confirmed to Times of India that he dictated the statement that attributes the hesitation to his health condition. A source said Rajinikanth doesn’t want to take a chance during the pandemic especially since he had a renal transplant in the US in the summer of 2016. The ‘letter’ also goes on to explain his doctors’ reservations over his getting active in politics in the absence of a Covid-19 vaccine.

Rajinikanth, however, seeks to appear brave in the communique. “I do not fear for my life. I am more concerned about people’s welfare. To usher in the political change I had promised, I have to plunge actively into the political field. Midway through if my health deteriorates, it could pose fresh challenges to the political process itself,” read the leaked message.

“He doesn’t call it off altogether,” said a source quoting Rajinikanth. “If I am to take the plunge, I have to launch it (political party) before January 15 and reveal my decision in December itself. I leave it to my fans and the people to decide what I should do, based on the then prevailing situation,” the statement said. It ends with a tagline – ‘People’s judgement is God’s judgement’. Rajini, in the statement, signed off with ‘Jai Hind’.

Image Credit: The Hindu

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