Ramesh Chennithala writes to Rahul Gandhi, urges him to take up Congress party's president post

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Senior Congress leader Ramesh Chennithala on Tuesday wrote a letter to Rahul Gandhi urging him to take up the post of Congress president.


He claimed that the party is suffering from an "unprecedented crisis."

"We are going through an unprecedented crisis and Madam Sonia Gandhi has been struggling, despite her health care issues, to rudder this boat through these tempestuous times. But to match the crookedness and the robustness of the BJP, we need to have your young and dynamic leadership at the helm of affairs”, the letter by Chennithala reads..

“The nation had appreciated the highest democratic principles shown by your good self while abdicating the presidentship of congress party, taking the moral responsibility for UPA's debacle in 2014 general elections. However, its time for you to kindly reconsider your decision”, he added.

Chennithala also criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his letter alleging that "a sense of hopelessness and despair" is descending across the country under his regime.

"The hallmark of Prime Minister Modi's rule has been the premeditated attempts to undermine the country's constitution, parliamentary democracy. federalism and the time tested economic structures. I am sorry to say that a sense of hopelessness and despair is descending on all secular, liberal and peace-loving citizens of this country. This should not be allowed at any cost", he wrote in the letter.

"Driven by money power and blatant misuse of power, the Modi - Amit Shah combine had subverted the basic principles of democracy. This has led to falling of Congress governments in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. An attempt at Rajasthan Govemment was prevented by the swift action of your good self. This is also leading to a large number of elected representatives and party workers leaving the organisation. This needs to be arrested at the earliest," he further stated in the letter.

He ends his letter by saying that this is an appeal to your good self on behalf of all the Congress Workers and the secular and liberal citizenry of this great nation to take over the reins of the party and lead us in this struggle to re-discover the spirit of India.

Gandhi is the Wayanad Lok Sabha member and this letter comes at a time when Kerala has its Assembly elections in May 2021.

Gandhi had stepped down as the president after the Congress' massive drubbing in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Later, Sonia Gandhi had then stepped in as interim president later that year.


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