Shepherd from Karnataka applauded by PM Modi in ‘Mann ki Baat’ radio address

South India

Kame Gowda, an octogenarian shepherd from Karnataka’s Mandya district, was applauded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Mann ki Baat radio address on Sunday.


"The Prime Minister is using all his knowledge to save people from COVID-19 and he remembered me. It is the greatest joy of my life", Kame Gowda said.

84-year-old Kame Gowda hails from Daasanadoddi village in Mandya district of Karnataka.  He is on a mission to create ponds in the hillside of this village. So far, he had dug 16 ponds in his area to curb water crisis. These ponds are filled with water all year round — even during the scorching summers.

Kalmane Kamegowda, a person without any formal education, he has turned an entire hillside at Daasanadoddi village green over the past four decades.

About 42 years ago, Kamegowda realised that Kundinibetta hill which is located beside his village had very less greenery. While he took his flock of farm animals to graze by the hillside, he saw many birds and animals restless due to the lack of a watering hole, according to the New Indian Express reports.

He realised that there was no water retention on the hill. Whatever water it received from the rain, either ran down the hillside or got evaporated or absorbed. That’s when he thought of developing a watering hole for the animals and birds.

Kamegowda’s addiction to making the hill green made his relatives and fellow villagers call him a ‘madman’.

Almost all his earnings and the money received from the awards is being spent on hiring the JCBs to dig to create the ponds and maintain them and he is extremely satisfied to see the results. 

Kame Gowda is also known as Kere (lake) Gowda for his contribution to resolving the water crisis. 


Image credit: Indian Express

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