Sketch - Colourful, Conscious and Tricky


Verdict: Full house on First day First show. But the Chiyaan fans missed a powerhouse hero, the grand entry and a good stunt. Vikram’s transformation from the dapper hero of his last film to the rugged Sketch was more sober than expected. But, certainly, the film has an unexpected climax and it is worth the long first half.

Vikram looks uncouth enough and is clad in colourful checks, smoking a long thin cigar. His performance does absolute justice to the role of a vehicle recovery agent cum local thug of a money lender. There is no larger than life image, no saving the world from imported foreign villains and no heroic victory at the end. The villain, or the decoy villain, is Baburaj- the actor who already descended from ‘villain hood’ for comedy in Malayalam film. Everybody knew that there was something wrong right from Baburaj’s entry.

Spoiler Alert..! - The hero is almost killed at the end. But what really matters is who kills him? The villain is not a single person- it is a collective social evil. The film tries to give a message at the end, though by the time it made its point everybody left the cinema hall. For they saw Chiyaan Vikram enough, they liked the twist in the climax. Besides, they have higher hopes for Sketch whose pulse rate is still going, and his heroine, still waiting.


There were plenty of body shaming on women and I wonder when a star studded film in South India will ever realise that their women in reality look far from a porcelain doll.  Tamannaah’s character ‘Ammu’ was meant to be the stereotypical ‘white skinned pretty face’ heroine of the film. Nothing more, nothing less.

Surely there was a ‘stylish’ take on Vada Chennai. But we are not sure what the director meant by ‘style’; was it the show of some skyscrapers? Or some Russian dancers he threw in the songs, draped in lungi and half saree?

The songs were good. The title song was too early. Sketch and his persona weren’t properly introduced. Vikram- Thamannaah chemistry was fine. The plot thickens with the overrated sentiments over friendship, the good boss’s hurt feelings, the villain’s remodelled Premier Padmini and a police officer who literally has nothing to do. Nonetheless, the film offered a sort of normality with its small story used to point at a universal evil- like a parable. It was socially conscious. But, for the Vikram fans it was disappointing. They had to wait until the last thirty minutes for a proper stunt scene with ‘one hit ten down effect’. The punch dialogue was great, and that comes with Sketch’s signature hand gesture. Only, the dialogue turns ironical at the end.

Hopefully Sketch can assure a good start for Vikram as his Gautham Menon spy thriller is next to be released in 2018.


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