Stay Home, Save Lives: Google Doodle shares measures to prevent COVID-19


With a tagline 'Stay Home Save Lives', the search engine giant, Google, on Saturday dedicated its new doodle to the preventive measures that could help to curb the spread of coronavirus. 


The colourful doodle showed animated letters of the word "Google" engaged in different activities, including reading, singing, working-out that one could take up while confined in their homes.

The new tagline 'Stay Home, Stay Safe' is displayed in big, bold capital letters whenever a user clicks on the doodle. 

After a click on the colourful doodle one is provided with a host of measures such as "STAY home, KEEP a safe distance, WASH hands often, COVER your cough and SICK? Call the helpline."

A scroll down and the doodle takes you to many links, on top being the World Health Organisation's advice to the public regarding the prevention of COVID-19. 

Coronavirus, which originated in China's Wuhan city in December last year, has so far spread to more than 200 countries. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared coronavirus a pandemic. 

According to Johns Hopkins University, confirmed COVID-19 cases now exceed 1,000,000 globally, with the death toll hitting over 58,000. 


With inputs from ANI

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