Swiggy’s food delivery executives strike in Chennai over reduction in payment

South India

Swiggy's food delivery executives on Wednesday protested alleging drop in pay in new payment structure put in place by the company in Chennai.


They alleged that their income has dropped at a time when they have already been hit by the pandemic and now they are getting only Rs 10 per delivery.

According to the news Agency ANI report, hundreds of Swiggy employees protest in various parts of Chennai.

The delivery executives said the petrol consumes most of their income as its prices have also been increased in recent times.

"3 years ago, I was getting Rs 40 for each delivery which has been reduced to Rs 10 even though the petrol price has increased. Earlier, we used to earn around 800 per day. But now we are getting only Rs 200. Ids of 1000 employees have been blocked," Pinto Ram, an executive , quoted by news agency ANI as saying.

The delivery executives have alleged that the company cited the coronavirus lockdown to withdraw incentives for long distance orders for delivering during the rain, and has also increased daily targets.

Now, they are demanding the old payment structure which gives them Rs 35 to Rs 40 for each delivery.

Swiggy’s staff has also said that as per the company’s new policy, their order fee has been reduced from Rs 35 per order to Rs 15 per order, the New Indian Express reported. In fact, the fee was even higher at Rs 40 a few months back.

“We did not fight back when they brought it down to Rs 35. But now, it has further dropped to Rs 15. How can we feed our family with this?” a delivery executive told the New Indian Express.

Chennai is not the only city where Swiggy delivery executives are striking. Protests have also been witnessed in Hyderabad. The issues remain the same.


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Image credit: Business Standard

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