Tamil Nadu builds walls at Andhra border to block vehicular movement amid lockdown

South India

The Tamil Nadu government has built the concrete wall at state border with Andhra Pradesh to tackle the spread of coronavirus and strictly impose lockdown measures.

The Tamil Nadu government has erected concrete walls across two of the roads connecting the state to Andhra Pradesh to regulate inflow of vehicles during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The walls, built to a height of up to 7-ft, have been raised at two key entry and exit points on the Chittoor-Ponni-Chennai road at Vellore and Chittoor-Gudiyatham road in Chittoor district.

The order for the construction was issued by Vellore district collector Shanmuga Sundaram in the light of return of large number of people to Vellore. The order said those returning to Vellore will be asked to undergo a health check-up at the special medical camps at the check posts and would be quarantined at special facilities until their test results arrive.

Sundaram was quoted by PTI on Monday as saying the move was mainly to check unauthorised entry of people like migrant labourers, who use vehicles including buses to enter Tamil Nadu without any valid permission.

"Since the chances of getting detected at the main border crossing is high, some people tend to use little noticed locations in remote places," he said, adding that the walls, made of concrete hollow blocks, were built without damaging the roads.

The central and state governments have already imposed restrictions on the border areas and no vehicular movement is allowed excluding essential services. Sources in the government told India Today that the step was taken in accordance with law to prevent any further surge in coronavirus cases.

Both Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have reported over a thousand cases of coronavirus till now. While as many as 1,885 Covid-19 cases have been reported in Tamil Nadu, the Andhra Pradesh tally stands at 1,097, an India Today report said.

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