Telangana government releases list of beds available for Covid-19 patients

South India

After taking over 50 per cent beds in all private hospitals, the K Chandrashekar Rao-led government in Telangana has released the list of total hospitals in the state available for coronavirus patients.

As per the list announced on Sunday, August 16, there are 17, 780 vacant beds available for Covid-19 patients in both government and private hospitals. The beds available in the government hospitals across the State are 5246 vacant beds while the total number of beds available in private hospitals is 3577.

These beds, including those in super specialty hospitals, will be allotted through a government app, on which people can apply. The tariff charged will be as per the rates decided by the government. A health bulletin said that the bed in private teaching hospitals will be provided for free of cost by the state government.

The government had taken over the beds in all private after as many as 1,039 complaints of malpractices by private hospitals for COVID-19 treatment, including overcharging, were received by the authorities. The decision was taken under the provisions of the Epidemic Diseases Act.

Instances of private hospitals in the state denying admission, charging ₹ 1-2 lakh per day, not issuing bills, and refusing to hand over the body over non-payment of dues, among other discrepancies, have been reported widely in the media, according to an NDTV report.

At least two big hospitals - Hyderabad's Virinchi and Deccan hospitals - had their licence to treat corona patients cancelled after they were found guilty of violating norms laid down by the government.  This comes in the backdrop of the Telangana High Court also hearing petitions accusing private hospitals of overcharging for coronavirus treatment despite the government capping costs, the NDTV report added.

The gvernment has set the Coronavirus treatment prices at private hospitals and labs. Corona test fee is ₹ 2,200, normal isolation charges are ₹ 4,000 per day, ICU charges are ₹ 7,500 per day without a ventilator and ₹ 9,000 per day with the ventilator. There are extra charges for antibiotic usage," Health Minister Rajender had said earlier.

The following is the availability of beds in government and private teaching hospitals in Telangana:

Isolation beds: 5,861 (1,211 occupied and 4,650 vacant)

Oxygen Beds: 20,396 (2,616 occupied and 17,780 vacant)

ICU beds: 2,251 (769 occupied and 1,482 vacant)

In total, there are 20,396 beds and 2,16 beds are occupied and 17,780 beds are vacant.

Availability of Beds in government hospitals:

Regular isolation beds:

There are 2,055 beds, while 636 are occupied and 1,419 vacant beds.

Beds with Oxygen supply:

In total, there are 4,583 available beds, 1,211 beds are occupied, and 3,371 beds are vacant

ICU beds with ventilators:

There are 1,224 beds, and 769 beds are occupied and 455 beds are vacant.

In total, there are 7,862 beds, while 2,616 beds are occupied and 5,246 beds are vacant.

Availability of Beds in Private hospitals:

Regular isolation beds:

There are 3,263 beds, 1,741 beds are occupied and 1,522 beds are vacant.

Beds with Oxygen supply:

In total, there are 3,178 available beds, 1,848 beds are occupied, and 1,330 beds are vacant

ICU beds with ventilators:

There are 1,560 beds, and 835 beds are occupied and 725 beds are vacant.

In total, there are 8001 beds, while 4,424 beds are occupied and 3,577 beds are vacant.

Image Credit: Deccan Chronicle

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