Telangana school principal sells idli to feed 4-member family

South India


The principal of a private school in Telangana has been selling idli, vada and dosa on a handcart after he was asked by the school management not to report for duty until the school reopens after the lockdown imposed in the wake of coronavirus outbreak.

Maragani Rambabu, the 36-year-old former Principal along with his wife runs the food cart serving hot breakfast on the street in Khammam district, according to a report by news agency ANI. The agency quoted him as saying that he was forced to resort to selling food to ensure he could provide for his family.

"I used to be a Principal but after the lockdown was announced, the school management decided that they do not need a Principal till the school reopens. I did not have any other source of income to feed my family. So my wife and I decided to start the cart. We now sell idli, vada and dosa for breakfast now."

The man says there are many others like him who have become unemployed during the lockdown enforced to curb the coronavirus. "There are many people unemployed like me, I urge the Government to help them in this time of crisis."

Rambabu was in charge of Millenium English Medium School in Khammam till the lockdown was announced and the school management decided that they don’t need a principal till the school reopens. Besides his mother, he has two children and mother to support.

He told Indian Express that he is able to raise money only for his bare minimum needs from the business. His profit at the end of the day is just Rs.200.

Image Credit: ANI

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