Villagers abandon pregnant woman’s body in forest in Andhra Pradesh fearing bad omen

South India

Local people in a village in Andhra Pradesh have abandoned the body of a pregnant woman in a forest area fearing that it will bring bad omen to the village.

The inhuman act has been reported from B Nagireddypalle village in Kurnool district. According to The New Indian Express, the police are trying to convince the villagers to allow her family to perform the last rites of the woman in the village.

The woman identified as Lavanya, wife of Dharmendra, a daily wage worker from Nagireddypalle had gone to her parents in the neighbouring Sirivella mandal for the delivery. On Friday, she was shifted to Nandyal government hospital as she developed labour. However, she died the next day due to complications during delivery.

The family members shifted her body to B Nagireddypalle for final rites and all preparations were made for burial of the body as per rituals. The villagers, however, did not allow the cremation of the body in the village as they believe that performing the last rites of a pregnant woman will bring bad omen to the village.

The locals argued that the village will not receive rains if the pregnant woman's body is cremated in the village. With no other option, the family members shifted the dead body to the forest area nearby and abandoned it there.

Neighbouring villagers, who ventured into the forest to collect firewood, noticed the body on Saturday evening and alerted the Rudravaram police.

"After enquiry, we traced the family members of the deceased woman and are trying to convince the villagers to cremate the woman's body in the village,'' Rudravaram sub-inspector of police Rammohan Reddy was quoted by TNIE as saying.

He added that they will ask the family members to perform last rites in the forest itself if the village elders did not get convinced and allow the final rites in the village.

Image Credit: Deccan Chronicle

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