Woman with self-respect if raped will die or avoid being raped again: Kerala Cong chief

South India

Mullappally made the remarks while criticising the Left Democratic Front government (LDF) government for reviving the solar case that played a major role in the defeat of the UDF in the last Assembly elections in the various scams rocking it,

Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) president Mullappally Ramachandran has on Sunday, November 1, by making misogynist remarks against a woman who made rape complaint against scores of leaders of the United Democratic Front (UDF) led by the party.

While criticising the Left Democratic Front government (LDF) government for reviving the solar case that played a major role in the defeat of the UDF in the last Assembly elections, he said that a woman self-respect will die if she is repeatedly raped, or else try not to be sexually assaulted again.

He was speaking at a protest organised by the UDF demanding the resignation of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan in the wake of the arrest of his former principal secretary M Sivasankaran in the high profile gold smuggling case.

The case resurfaced with the police, which was sitting on the complaint of the women for the last five years, by taking the statement of the complainant.

Without mentioning the name of the women, Mullappally said that LDF government was bringing up a sex-worker against the UDF in a desperate attempt to divert attention from the scams rocking it. The woman, who is the main accused in the solar case that involved defrauding a number investors, had levelled rape allegations against a series of leaders, including former chief minister Oommen Chandy, after the case came to light.  


“Every day, this woman would wake up saying she has been raped by someone. The LDF has brought a sex worker as a desperate attempt against the UDF by making her tell tales. Chief Minister Vijayan, this game will not work, this blackmailing will not work. One can understand when a woman is raped once. But she says she is repeatedly assaulted. A woman with self-respect will either die after she is raped once, or will try not to be sexually assaulted again,” Mullappally said.

The remark immediate protests from several quarters. Kerala Women’s Commission chairperson M C Josephine said the commission will examine his statement and initiate appropriate legal action for insulting women.

Condemning the remarks, Minister for Women and Child Development KK Shailaja said that rape is a most sinister crime. The comment made by the Congress leader that the victims should die or else not allow another assault on them, is humiliating to the society.

“Most of us wish to save the girls and women and punish the attacker. Rapes do not happen because women are not careful, but because of the dominating nature of the society. Most women and men oppose it. It is condemnable that a political leader who should lead the way has made these deplorable comments,” she said.

When protests mounted, Mullappally apologised on the same stage. He said that the statement he made to criticise the government was misinterpreted. He said that he was sorry for if his statements were anti-woman.

Image Credit: The Hindu

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