PM Modi a bad ruler, says Andhra CM Chandrababu Naidu

Andhra Pradesh

AMARAVATI: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a ‘bad ruler’.

Naidu made the comment on the day he arrived in New Delhi to lodge protest against the BJP-led Central Government demanding special status for Andhra Pradesh.

“A person holding the chair of Prime Minister should possess Raja Dharma. No Prime Minister in the past had faced protest like you. That is the evidence for your bad rule”, Naidu wrote in a letter to PM Modi.

Naidu also criticized PM and said, it is basic etiquette to consult the Chief Minister before visiting the state.

“When Prime Minister comes to a state, it is a basic etiquette to consult the Chief Minister of that state. But, your tour exposed your bad culture and bad manners of ill-treating the regional leader”, Naidu said.

He also slammed the PM for not doing enough for the state.

“You called Guntur as Oxford of AP, but what is your contribution in that? Have you ever self-criticised how much you gave to AP for academic institutes in these 5 years?”, he asked.

“The state government has allotted lands worth Rs 12,000 crore and built compound walls with Rs 130 crore, you gave 700 crores only. With 6 per cent of funds allotted can we construct Oxfords? Are you healing our injuries, or rubbing salt on them?”, he added.

With inputs from ANI

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