Supreme Court stays local body elections in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh

NEW DELHI: With the two days left for the release of schedule for the upcoming local body polls in Andhra Pradesh, the Supreme Court on Wednesday stayed the proceedings on petitions challenging the legal validity of increasing the reservations beyond the stipulated 50 per cent, said a report in


The court has also stayed the government order raising the reservations to 59.85 per cent and directed the state high court to settle the issue in four weeks.

However, while the Election Commission had prepared to issue the poll notification on the January 17. The petition was filed by Pratap Reddy, the leader of the Andhra Pradesh Reddy association, citing the past Supreme Court verdicts on the reservations.

Finding Prima Facie merit in their argument, the apex court stayed the election proceedings. The opposition has alleged that the state government had intentionally tried to delay the elections with impractical Reservations Policy, fearing adverse results.

Earlier, Supreme Court in various cases clarified that the reservations cannot be more than 50%. If Andhra Pradesh Government is serious it should convince the Center to place it in Section 9 of the constitution to make it immune from Judicial Interference which is practically impossible, the leaders of the opposition said.

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