7 diphtheria deaths reported in Karnataka’s Kalaburagi district


KALABURAGI: Seven deaths due to diphtheria have been reported in Karnataka’s Kalaburagi district since September this year.

Keeping in view the rise in diphtheria cases in the district, the state government has started an awareness campaign in schools, social welfare hostels and anganwadi centres.

According to the report from the authorities, there are 134 cases of the disease reported in the district till date.

"Till date, 134 cases of diphtheria have been reported in the district with seven deaths. In view of this, the state government has launched an awareness campaign," News Agency ANI quoted Kalaburagi district Health Officer MK Patil as saying.

Diphtheria is a bacterial disease, which primarily infects the throat and upper airways, and produces a toxin affecting other organs.

Some cases may be mild, however, the bacteria can produce dangerous toxins that cause severe complications which can be life-threatening. Such complications include heart trouble, paralysis, and kidney failure.

Diphtheria causes inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, including the nose and throat. Symptoms may include sore throat, breathing problems, bloody or watery drainage from the nose, hoarseness, a bark-like cough and painful swallowing. Some cases will experience infection of the skin, resulting in skin lesions. However, some cases may not experience any symptoms.

Diphtheria is spread by close personal contact with someone who is infected or is a carrier of the bacteria and shows no symptoms. It will spread via respiratory droplets, originating from a cough or a sneeze. The bacteria can also spread through contaminated objects or food.


Image credit:The Immunisation Advisory Centre




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