Bengaluru Traffic Police deploys life-size mannequins dressed as cops to reduce traffic violations


BENGALURU: Bengaluru Traffic Police have deployed life-size mannequins, wearing police uniforms, at some important junctions in the city in a bid to reduce traffic violations.

Mannequins, wearing reflector jackets, white shirts, khaki pants, white hats, and black shoes will act as a deterrent to traffic violations.

According to the report from the police officials, It is very useful in controlling habitual violators and response to this initiative is very positive.

Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) in Bengaluru city, Dr BR Ravikanthe Gowda said that they are also planning to fit cameras in these to record violations.

“In the future, we plan to fit cameras in these mannequins to record violations. Contact-less enforcement can be possible with these," he told ANI.

However, the police know that tricking errant drivers will not work in the long run and they have, hence, planned to replace mannequins with real cops in a day or two to nab violators.

"They will see the mannequins at a distance, they will discipline themselves, but when they will come near the mannequins they will realise, this is a mannequin' and they are fooled”, Gowda said.

“The next day, they will try to violate because they will think that it is a mannequin only. But we will replace these mannequins with our police constables or police officers. By doing so, we are confusing...we want to confuse these habitual road traffic rule violators," Gowda explained.

As per the report, the unique initiative is being appreciated by people as they think mannequins will be helpful in regulating traffic as well as curbing habitual violations. People also take selfies with the mannequins.


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Image credit: ANI

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