Can't fathom Modi mania despite 'bad state' of the economy, says Siddaramaiah


BENGALURU: Senior Congress leader Siddaramaiah on Thursday said he was unable to understand the Modi mania, despite the bad state of the economy under the previous BJP regime led by him.


The former Chief Minister alleged that the BJP won the Lok Sabha election raising emotive issues, rather than delivering on development.

“People of the country, including the media, have favoured Narendra Modi's five-year government, despite low GDP growth, increase in unemployment and dwindling value of the Rupee”, Siddaramaiah said.

"They have destroyed the country's economy. Despite all this Modi, Modi, Modi- I don't know why?", he added.

"As the Prime Minister for five years, what did he do for economic development? Demonetization- what was its result?”, he asked.

The BJP had won 25 out of the 27 seats it contested in the recent Lok Sabha polls. An independent candidate Sumalatha, supported by the BJP had won in Mandya.

The Congress, which is part of the ruling coalition in Karnataka won only one out of the 21 seats it had contested.

Congress' alliance partner JD(S) too won one out of the seven seats it contested.


With inputs from PTI

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