Congress workers stage torchlight protest against BJP's behavior in Karnataka Assembly


BENGALURU: Congress workers staged torchlight protest against BJP for not letting Karnataka assembly function.

On Thursday, the BJP had disrupted Karnataka Assembly and claimed that the ruling coalition has lost the majority.

The BJP continued their protest in the well of assembly for the second consecutive day.

Making Karnataka’s political situation more slippery, seven MLAs of Congress and three of BJP on Thursday abstained from the Assembly’s Budget Session.

In the 224-member Assembly, JDS has 37 MLAs and the Congress 80. The Congress-JDS alliance has the support of some Independents in the House where the majority figure is 113 stay in power.

Ever since the Congress-JDS jointly formed the government in Karnataka in May 2018, there has been a buzz of resentment among them.

According to the report, the Congress MLAs who have abstained from the Assembly’s Budget Session are Ramesh Jarkiholi, Mahesh Kumathalli, Dr Umesh Jadhav, Dr Sudhakar, BC Patil, Nagendra B, and JN Ganesh.

Meanwhile, the name of three BJP MLAs, who have absent on Thursday was not revealed.

“The BJP was offering more than Rs 30 crore to some of our MLAs. I got the evidence to reveal. But it will release at an appropriate time”, former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had said while talking to the media on Thursday.

On February 6, former Karnataka Chief Minister and Congress leader Siddaramaiah had issued a notice to four MLAs seeking an explanation from them for their absence at the Congress legislature party (CLP) meeting, which held in Bengaluru on January 18.

Even before that, on January 20, he had issued show-cause notices to the same MLAs.

The meeting was convened by the party to assess whether its flock was intact amid speculation that some of the party MLAs had switched over to the BJP.

The notice had served to Ramesh Jarakiholi, Mahesh Kamatihalli, B Nagendra and Umesh Jadhav.

According to the report, four of them are in touch with the BJP leadership.


Image credit: ANI


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