Getting Civilized or Getting Worse, BBMP show your existence


BANGALORE: The church street in New Thippasandra, which is one of the busiest roads during office and school hours have been filled with garbage.  



After the much-awaited response from BBMP, the potholes have been filled but garbage maintenance is extremely poor. Garbage from the entire colony is accumulated near the first cross of the church street.

 “Imagine the terror in the minds of the house owner every morning when they wake up to see the massive pile of garbage lying in front of the house, it is not a pleasant site to see early in the morning”, said a resident of Thippasandra.

It’s been like this for a long time. The BBMP van comes whenever they like and the residents are unable to handover the garbage. The BBMP van does not go across all the streets to collect the garbage and the people are too lazy to handover the garbage, rather throwing it on the road, said the reports.

“If the garbage’s are not managed well and thrown openly on the road, it not only affects us, but it is extremely dangerous for animals too. Most of the time the garbage cover contains broken pieces of glasses. The hungry cattle or street dogs tend to search those bags to find something edible. They end up eating the glass pieces and thus injuring themselves”, said the resident.

“Each time when I see this site, I question myself, are we getting civilized day by day or getting worse? We humans have been blessed with higher intellect compared to other creatures on earth. The intellect was provided to protect the nature and other creatures but are we doing that? Being so privileged, how are we utilizing our civic senses?” said a resident of  Thippasandra.

I have even twitted to BBMP about this along with a snapshot, but I did not see any results. I have just lodged a complaint at, complaint number 10801388, he added.

The garbage has been lying there since almost a week, said the reports.

Image Credit: Bangalore First

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