Kempegowda International Airport will soon install smart security system


BENGALURU: Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) will soon install ‘Smart Security Lanes with Automated Tray Retrieval System’ (ATRS) for reducing waiting time for passengers as its security lanes.


Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) has signed an agreement with L3 Macdonald Humfrey (Automation), India Pvt Ltd, a UK-headquartered tech developer for installation of the same.

The new system is expected to speed up the processing and carry-on luggage faster than regular methods. When the new system is ready, the passenger screening capacity will significantly increase by over 50 percent. 

“For the first time in India, men and women will no longer need to be security screened in different locations. Families can stay together and will be screened together,” a release stated.

The smart lanes with ATRS will automatically return empty trays to the preparation area, passengers can place their belongings and the automated rollers will enable the trays to move, the passengers can be relaxed, no need to push their trays into the X-ray machines, the release added.
“With the Smart Security Lane with ARTS, we can now process more passengers in a secure and controlled environment, improving overall operational efficiency and enhancing safety and security, “said Javed Malik, COO, BIAL.

Work on the security hall enhancements will begin with the first automated lanes being installed in the domestic and international checkpoints by the end of this year.

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