10-year old Kerala girl bitten by snake in school dies without medical care


KOZHIKODE: Delay in providing medical care claimed the life of 10-year-old girl, who are bitten by a snake in her school at Sulthanbathery in Kerala’s Wayanad district on Wednesday.


The girl, identified as Shahla Sherin, was a student in the fifth standard of the Sarwajan vocational higher secondary school.

According to the police, Shahla's foot got stuck in a hole on the floor of her class and by the time her foot was pulled out, there were two red spots on it. Fellow students allege that the teachers initially told them that it is an injury caused either due to a nail, stone or a similar object.

One of the students said that the teachers refused to provide Shahla medical care even after her feet turned into blue colour. It was only after her father reached the school an hour later, she was taken to the hospital.  

"We asked the teacher on the spot when this happened why she could not be taken to a doctor," one of the students told reporters. When Shehala's father reached the school, he saw her sitting in class with a bandage on her foot. She was immediately rushed to a private hospital in Sulthan Bathery, which did not have facilities for snake bite treatment.

She was then taken to another hospital, which referred her to the Kozhikode Medical College Hospital, but as her condition worsened she was taken to a private hospital at Vythiri, where she was declared brought dead.

A teacher has been suspended for alleged lapses and a probe has been ordered. State Education Minister Prof. C Raveendranath said strict action will be taken if the allegations are found true.

Image Credit: ANI News                                                   

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