Biriyani prepared by inmates of Kerala’s Viyyur jail to go online


THRISSUR: To mark the entrance in the online food delivery space, the prison authorities in Kerala began offering food prepared by jail inmates.

The initiative initially rolled out of the Viyyur Central Jail in Thrissur.

For the last few years, the prisoners at Viyyur Central Prison have been cooking up biriyani, chapatis and more through the Freedom Food Factory, a canteen managed by the prison's inmates.

Now, the Freedom Food Factory is looking to take the next step and has decided to tie-up with Swiggy, online food delivery player, to break new ground.

Earlier, food such as the likes of biryani, roti and curries are sold only from the counter in front of the prison.

In the first phase, the plan is to sell biriyani combo online, priced at Rs 127.

The combo includes 300 grams of biriyani rice, one roasted chicken leg piece, three chapattis, a cupcake, salad, pickle and one litre bottled water along with a plantain leaf to eat the food.

Freedom Food Factory, an enterprise selling food prepared by inmates at Kerala's prisons, has been engaged in the business since 2011. The jail also has a female wing, who make traditional Kerala snack items.

At present, the jail sells around 25,000 chapatis, and over 500 biryanis a day, which is prepared by around 100 inmates.

The jail food was a hit among people due to its quality and low price.


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