Kerala kids who sacrificed chocolates to buy football flooded with footballs after video goes viral


KOCHI: A group of kids in Kerala, who held a formal “meeting” to raise fund for buying a football, has been flooded with footballs after the video of the exercise went viral in the social media.


A large number of people from different walks of life have offered the kids from a sleepy village at Nilambur in Malappuram district, not only football but also football jerseys and other accessories.  Many have also offered money to the young football enthusiasts. Makeup football club head coach Fernando Andres Santiago Valera has already visited the kids and donated two footballs. 

Malappuram incidentally is called the Mecca of football in Kerala because of the passion of its people for the game. The football freaks in the district have contributed a shorter version of the game called Sevens football to the world soccer.

The big moment came for the children when Kerala Blasters, a member of the Indian Super League (IPL), invited them to their camp in Kochi and offered to give them what they deserve.

“We're truly humbled by the innocence and attitude of these kids, who have gathered around to discuss a way to buy football for themselves! Inspired by their passions towards achieving their goal, we've decided to invite these Young Blasters to Kaloor and give them what they deserve. A big shootout to Sushanth for capturing this beautiful moment and contributing towards their cause. See you all soon!” Blasters said in their official Twitter account.

The video shot and posted on Facebook by Sushanth Nilambur on Wednesday, fetched 16.30 lakh views, 59,000 likes and 7,300 comments within one day.  What caught the eye of the netizens is the business manner in which the kids conducted the meeting and the innocent way in which they choose to raise the fund.

The meeting was held on the ground in the village. The kids are seated on the coconut tree branches and some on the stones.  Some of the boys are dressed in football jerseys, one of them wearing the Blasters’ jersey and a few others that of European clubs like Arsenal and Juventus.

The kids set up a makeshift microphone stand from a tree branch and made a shawl out of paper to felicitate the best goalkeeper. The meeting formally began with the president making introductory speech like any other meeting of the adults.

Commenting on the suggestion for buying a football from their own contributions, he said; “Like he said about the fund. They are more people expected to come. We are proceeding for now.  And there will be meetings on every Sunday.”

He then invites ‘Appus’, to say a few words.  “My greetings to all who have gathered here. We all have gathered to collect funds to buy a football. So, my request is that everyone contribute Rs.10 each for this. And this has to be deposited on Sunday,” he made the mission statement.

The members in the group approve the suggestion by clapping their hands. A lone girl who was present at the meeting chipped in by justifying the need for buying a new football.

“Our football has burst and we have bought many balls in the past, but all of them have burst,” the girl said.

Another kid appealed to the children to sacrifice chocolates for raising the fund. “Chocolates are not good for the teeth. So, let us save that money. If we sacrifice chocolates, we can save Rs.2 every day. This will add up to Rs.10 in five days,” he added.

The children are up-to-date with the times too in the digital age. They say that they will order the football through Flipkart with the assistance of an adult person.

Since consent is important, like every meeting of the adults, one of the guys comes and asks, “Does anyone have any objections to this?” And all the kids shout, “No.”’

The meeting concludes with the felicitation of a boy for his sterling performance as goalkeeper in the group matches. The boy was adorned with a paper shawl. When the short kid takes to microphone, another boy adjusts its height accordingly. As the winner is nervous to speak, the ‘Secretary’ even asks the gathering to forgive him for his nervousness, and they should not laugh on him.   

The events took place behind the house of the person who recorded the video. Sushanth patted them by putting a Rs.500 note into the pocket of the President.

Image Credit: Mathrubhumi

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