Malayalam actor Mukesh faces 'Me Too' pinch


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Me Too' allegation has been raised against Mukesh, Malayalam actor and Kerala legislator from Kollam district.


The only woman in the crew of the ‘Kodeeswaran’ television quiz programme, on Tuesday, revealed through Twitter that she was approached by Mukesh 19 years ago by way of calling her to his room and trying to change her room close to his room in the hotel.

Bollywood casting director Tess Joseph posted the allegation against actor and politician on social media Tuesday.

“I was 20 years old quiz directing #koteeswaran when the mallu host #mukeshkumar called my room multiple times and then changed my room to beside his on the next sch. My then boss @derekobrienmp spoke to me for an hour & got me out on the next flight. 19 years on thank you Derek.” She said in her tweet.

 “I was the only woman in a crew of men. One night when the calls were never ending I stayed in my colleague's room and he even asked the hotel staff to change her room beside his” she added in her tweet.

In responding to the allegation, Mukesh tried to laugh and denied the allegations. He said he does not remember the woman who raised the allegations and questioned her silence for the past 19 years.

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