Men must vacate reserved seats in buses for women: Kerala police


Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala police clarified in a Facebook post that men, who travel in reserved seats for women must vacate the seat when a woman passenger boards the bus and she has no seat to occupy.


The police made the clarification after fake news on reserved seats that spread on social media and created confusion among the public.

The fake news was that men who travel in the long-distance bus can travel in reserved seats for women and women should not ask any man to vacate the seat.

But Kerala police clarified that the news is completely fake and against Motor Vehicle Department Act.

“Some online media have also taken on fake news after receiving massive coverage in the community's media. The Motor Vehicles Department warns that the news is not legal”, Kerala police said.

“As per MVD act, male passengers can travel in reserved seats for women but they should vacate the seat when a woman passenger boards the bus and has no seat to occupy. Every bus including KSRTC reserved 25 per cent seats for women”, the police stated.

“Men can occupy the reserved seats for women only in the absence of women passengers”, they added.

“KSRTC ordered that the conductor should ask the male passengers to vacate the seats if any women passengers demand the reserved seats”, the cops asserted.

“The Motor Vehicle Department informed that those who violate the law will face action including the penalty. They should pay a fine of Rs 100”, the police said.

“If the male passenger not ready to vacate the seat and arguing with the conductor even after slapping the fine, will take strict action and file a criminal case against them”, they added.

The Kerala Police also detailed the reserved seats in buses. As per this 5 per cent seats are reserved for differently abled, 20 per cent for the senior citizen and 25 per cent for women.


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