Nepotism charges against KT Jaleel, more evidences revealed


KANNUR: The more evidence of the violation of rules have emerged against the Minister of Higher Education and Minority Affairs, K T Jaleel, with the appointment of his relative as the manager of KSMDFC.


 “It is now clear that the candidates who were rejected from the rank list had higher qualifications than KT Adeeb, the kin of Minister”, said Youth League general secretary PK Firos, who had raised the allegations against KT Jaleel.

Firos had demanded the documents from minorities development finance corporation for verification.

“Seven candidates had attended the interview and five among them had the required qualifications and one person had worked in government service. Based on the documents received from the authorities, KT Adeeb is not eligible for the current post as per the deputation criteria, I am ready to reveal the evidence”, he said.

Candidates who had applied and their qualifications are Anas VP (MBA with five years of experience), Mohanan P ( MBA, SBI regional manager at present, Consent letter to be appointed on deputation), Zaheer Kaladi ( MBA, 11 years of experience at Malcotex Spinning mill in Malappuram), Rijas Haris (MBA, 5 years of experience in ICICI bank, Minorities Development Corporation manager at present), Sajid Muhammad (MBA, 5 years of experience), Babu V (Undersecretary at finance department), KT Adeeb (BTech, PGDBA, Branch manager at South Indian bank).

Firos said that all candidates had MBA and the minister's relative lacked it. The job requirements were changed so as to include BTech as a qualification, which the minister's relative possessed.

As per the law, only the employees who are working the government sections or agencies under the control of government can be given a job through deputation. But Adeeb don’t have any experience like that.

Earlier the Minister had claimed that KT Adeeb, appointed as the manager of Kerala State Minorities Development Finance Corporation((KSMDFC) because he was the only qualified person in the list for the job.

“It was to appoint a person from a reputed financial institution that the Corporation advertised for the post with MBA or BTech with PGDBA / CS/ CA / ICWAI and three years’ experience as the criteria. Seven people had applied for the post out of which three appeared for the interview,” Jaleel had said in a Facebook post.

The candidate who was kept out was highly qualified than Adeep has stayed away from the interview as he got confidential information that a revised government notification was released to fit Adeeb into the post.

However, the minister denied all the allegation and said it was baseless.


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