NSS protests against Sabarimala Verdict


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Nair Service Society (NSS) carried out a corroboration in Thiruvananthapuram to express their disquiet about the Supreme Court's judgement in the Sabarimala temple women's entry case.


The march, which began at 9.45 am in Palayam, near Ganapathi Kovil, went up to the Government Secretariat, then the protesters returned to Palayam, where they undertook a pledge to protect customs and beliefs.

"It's not a protest. We are not against the Supreme Court ruling; we just wanted to show our concern. There is no complete ban on women going to Sabarimala; only women of a certain age group cannot go. That is our custom and beliefs. Protecting customs and beliefs is our concern. The custom has been in practice for over 5,000 years." Said Sangeeth, head of NSS Thiruvananthapuram,

Ever since the verdict was passed on September 28, thousands of devotees from various Hindu organisations like the NSS have taken to the streets to mark their protest against the verdict.

Image credit: The news minute

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