Sabarimala SC verdict: Protests held in the state capital


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Thousands of Ayyappa devotees belonging to the 'Ayyappa Dharma Samrakshana Samithi' and various other Hindu organisations from across the state had conducted a march to Thiruvananthapuram.


“We have come together here to protect our beliefs. Many people had mentioned that God Ayyappan is against women, and it is not so,” said Sasi Kumar Verma, president, Palace managing committee.

“ It is an ill practice. It is not only Sabarimala where women’s entry is prohibited at certain times; there are some other temples too. We should remember that before start criticizing this one” he added. He was speaking at the meeting of Ayyappa dharma samrakshana Samiti in front of the secretariat.

The meeting (dharma samrakshana yajnam) was presided over by Suresh Gopi, actor and MP, Rahul Easwar, former minister Shivakumar, Shilpa Nair, Sasi Kumar Verma and many more people from social and religious spheres.

The protest discussed on how large numbers of people united for a religious cause and how their pleas had to be heard. The protesters mentioned how they will continue their protest until their needs were met and how rituals and practices were meant to be maintained and protected.

The protesters held the opinion that it was their freedom to raise their voice and they will hence use it.

The protest came as a reaction to the Supreme Court verdict on September 28 allowing women of all age’s entry into Sabarimala.

The verdict was succeeded by non-ending dharnas, marches, and had taken the social media by storm voicing an opinion from both a minority who favoured the SC verdict and a majority who opposed the verdict.

The state government was from the time and again attacked for taking measures in accordance with the verdict of the Supreme Court.

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