Water crisis cripples firms in Kerala’s IT hub at Kakkand


KOCHI: Kerala’s IT hub of Kochi, employing over 40,000 employees, is gripped by an acute water crisis.


According to reports, several IT companies at the IT Park at Kakkanad are forced to shut down.  

The News Minute reported that many have been blaming the Operation Pure Water, a project launched in Ernakulam district, for the crisis. Through Operation Pure Water, it was directed that tanker lorries could only take water from the hydrants of the Kerala Water Authority (KWA) to ensure good quality of water transported.

The tanker lorry association had warned earlier that the implementation of such a directive, without increasing the number of hydrant points, would lead to a severe water crisis in the city.

Though the water scarcity had been felt for the last few days, it turned worse during the last couple of days. Infopark, which hosts around 40,000 employees spread over 250 companies, needs nearly 20 lakh litres of water a day and depends on tanker lorries to supply most of it.

To provide some relief, the District Collector S Suhas, who is in New Delhi for a meeting, allowed tanker lorries supplying water to Infopark to source the water from other water bodies, except abandoned quarries. Following the collector’s intervention, the Ernakulam district administration has issued an order that tanker lorries can collect water from private wells for 10 days.

The employees have welcomed the decision.

“Many cafeterias are using reusable paper plates to save water. However, everyone has used the water stored in the fire tanks and the situations will normalise only after two-three days of water supply. A permanent solution is possible only when Kinfra starts pumping water from the Kadambrayar,” an employee was quoted by Indian Express as saying.

Raj Krishna, an official of Carnival Infopark, asked, “If the government is not providing basic facilities to companies, how is it going to boost the IT sector here?” (With inputs from TNM)

Image credit: The New Indian Express

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