Kamal Hassan hits out at AIADMK over Pollachi sexual assault case


CHENNAI: Actor-turned-politician and chief of Makkal Needhi Maiam Kamal Haasan hit out at the Tamil Nadu ruling party AIADMK over its alleged links and inaction in connection with the Pollachi sexual assault case.

In a video posted on his Twitter, Haasan said, “This is a country where gods lived and fought if something happened to their wives. How are you going to wipe the insult made to your Amma Mr Edappadi K Palaniswami?"

Haasan was referring to late former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalitha.

In Pollachi sex scandal, more than fifty women were lured and sexually harassed by a gang of four and the acts were video-graphed.

Four accused persons identified as Sabarirajan, Sathish, Thirunavukarasu, and Vasan Kumar were arrested in the case.

The expelled AIADMK functionary, Nagaraj, who is one of the accused in the assault case.

On Thursday, the Crime Branch of Chennai Police had registered an FIR against DMK president MK Stalin’s son-in-law Sabareesan, who is one of the accused in the assault case.

"When Nirbaya incident happened, Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha released a statement that sexual incidents against women should be considered as rarest of rare case and will be investigated by high-level police officers. How does this government who ruled in name of Amma remain silent?" Haasan said.

He further questioned the police administration for its careless handling of the case by revealing the name of the survivor.

“The SP who is investigating the case has admitted that he revealed the name of the survivor by mistake in a press conference. Don't you think he went against the law but the government is also silent about it."

“The survivor's video is leaked. But, how is it leaked when the police are saying that the accused have deleted the videos? Who released these videos and for what reason?” he asked CM of TN

Continuing his tirade against the Chief Minister, he asked Palaniswami:

"Can you tell me what steps has the government taken to help the survivors and ensure women’s safety in the state."

“Chief Minister… all these questions are for you. There is a limit for everything,” he added.

“The ministers keep the photo of Amma in their pockets but also threaten the students who are staging protests against this heinous crime."

Stressing that he is questioning the government as a politician but as a father of two daughters, Haasan said:

"I want to know as what you're going to do to correct all these missteps? How will you assure all those women who are scared that their video will be released, if they file a complaint? Why and what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the elections to be over?", he asked.

On Thursday students of Madurai government medical college protested against the Pollachi sexual assault case and demanded a special tribunal consisting of a female judge for crimes against women.


With inputs from ANI

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