Sivakarthikeyan adopts white tigress


CHENNAI: Ten-year-old Anu, a white tigress in Chennai’s Vandalur zoo, became the centre of attraction after she was adopted by popular film actor Sivakarthikeyan.


Sivakarthikeyan has signed a letter expressing his wish to adopt Anu for a period of six months and handed over to S Yuvaraj, the zoo director.
According to one report, the actor has paid Rs 2.12 lakh to adopt the 10-year-old white tiger. He will have the licence to enter the tiger’s lair, feed the animal and participate in its cleaning and day-to-day activities.
"It is the responsibility of every citizen to protect animals that are facing a threat and the public should come forward to adopt at least one of the 174 species that are housed in the zoo." The actor Sivakarthikeyan said.
Anu is the first successful instance of captive breeding of the white tiger species at the zoo and was brought over to Chennai in 2006 from the New Delhi zoo. In 2009, Anu gave birth to three baby cubs along with 11-year-old male white tiger Bheeshmar. Her cubs now have their families in the tiger quarters of the Zoo.

According to the Animal Adoption Program of the zoo, launched in 2009, members of the public can adopt any animal by paying for their daily feeding charges. Adopting an animal or a bird or a reptile will provide the donor with a direct opportunity to participate in the day-to-day affairs of the zoo – cleaning enclosures and feeding the animals.
The amount varies from animal-to-animal. The zoo spends Rs 1,196 per day for a lion or a tiger whereas its spends only Rs 550 per day for a pair of chimpanzees, while for an elephant the expenditure is in the range of 600 to 700 per day.

Image credit: News18 Tamil

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