TN will compete with China if Congress comes to power at Centre: Rahul Gandhi


KANYAKUMARI: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said that if his party forms the government at the Centre after the Lok Sabha elections, then Tamil Nadu would be made a 'manufacturing hub' to compete with China.

He said that this will happen at a faster pace if the DMK president MK Stalin becomes the Chief Minister of the state while the Congress forms the government at the Centre.

"Tamil Nadu has the potential to be the manufacturing capital of the world. Behind cell phone, it is written made in China. On the shirt, it is written made in China," Gandhi said.

"What we have to do when we have the government in Delhi and a government in Tamil Nadu is that behind the cell phone, and on the paint and the shirt you will see written made in Tamil Nadu," he added.

He slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for destroying the constitutional institutions in the country.

"Government in Tamil Nadu is controlled by the PMO. He feels he can pressurize different states in India from Delhi. Nobody can pressure or control Tamil spirit except the people of Tamil Nadu," Rahul Gandi said.


With inputs from ANI


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