Former MLA held for human trafficking


HYDERABAD: Former MLA Jagga Reddy was arrested under various charges on Tuesday. According to the circle inspector of the Hyderabad Market police station, who made the arrest, Reddy allegedly had trafficked three persons from Hyderabad to  the United States impersonating them as his family members.


The crime was done in 2004 and the suo-motu case has been registered against the former MLA for impersonation, forgery, human trafficking, and under the passport act.

The former Congress whip will be produced before the Secundrabad Court on Tuesday.

A politician who has always been a hard nut to crack, Reddy has a history of keeping cards close to his chest and playing it as per the demands of the situations.

He started his political career as a councillor with the BJP and then rose to the rank of municipal chairman.

He first entered into the Assembly as a member in 2004 in the ticket offered by the TRS. By the time of next Assembly election, he left the TRS to join the Congress. Reddy was re-elected to the assembly in 2009. But he was not lucky enough to get a third consecutive term though he burned midnight oil for that in 2014.

In 2014, he once again associated with the party (BJP) which helped him to put his baby steps in politics. He was fielded in Medak Lok Sabha constituency by the BJP for the by poll. But he failed.

After a year post the election, Reddy came back to the grand old party and has been serving as a member since then.

(Image Credits: The Hindu)

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