NHRC sends notice to Telangana government over death of 10 women labourers


NEW DELHI: The National Human Rights Commission(NHRC ) has sent a notice to Telangana government over the death of 10 women labourers working under the MGNREGA scheme died when an embankment caved in on them in Narayanpet district.

The Commission has issued a notice to the Chief Secretary, Government of Telangana and sought the response within four weeks.

The NHRC asked him to submit a detailed report of the tragic incident including action taken against the guilty, relief and rehabilitation to the families of the victims.

They also asked the status of the safety measures at such sites where deep digging is conducted.

"Poor villagers, who are not skilled workers and need a job to earn their livelihood, do opt to work under the MGNREGA scheme," said the NHRC.

"The deceased, no doubt, belonged to the poorest strata, the way, the embankment has collapsed and negligence on the part of the contractor and the department concerned cannot be ruled out."

"It seems that neither any precaution was taken by the authorities nor any kind of help was available on the spot. Had some safety measures been taken, ten human lives could perhaps be saved," said the NHRC.

According to media reports, while digging a canal in a village in Narayanpet district of Telangana, the fellow workers of the victims reportedly tried to rescue them.

They cleared about five feet of mud for pulling them out, but all of them were dead on that time.


With inputs from ANI

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