Priceless antiques stolen from Nizam's museum


HYDERABAD: Diamond - studded gold tifin box and a gold tea cup, which could fetch around Rs 50 crore in the international market, have been stolen from Nizam's Museum at Purani Haveli.


The antiques were once used by the IInd Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan.

Investigation is on into the theft and the Hyderabad police have formed 10 teams to nab the culprits as early as possible.

According to the museum authorities, the burglary took place soon after the museum was closed at 5pm on Sunday. But the police are of the opinion that the burglars could have decamped with the valuables in the wee hours of Monday.

Burglars slipped into the museum through a wooden ventilator and they used a rope to scale the wall. Police suspect that the culprits got on to the terrace of the museum building from one of the buildings on the rear side.

From the spot of the crime and the manner in which it was executed, it is clear that the burglars werewell versed with the museum and the topography of the room. They knew that there is no CCTV camera on the terrace. And they even twisted the CCTV camera under the ventilator to avoid being captured.

The security agency responsible for the museum stated that there were five guards on the museum compound from Sunday evening to Monday morning. But the city police refused to buy this claim and opined that the number could only be on papers.

The cameras at the museum were 8 years old and half of them are dysfunctional.


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