Suicide drama by doctor in Hydrabad’s Gandhi Hospital over coronavirus


HYDERABAD: A doctor in the hospital tried to set himself ablaze to protest his suspension over a false alarm on two suspected novel coronavirus (nCoV) cases.


The incident occurred Tuesday morning at Gandhi Hospital when civil surgeon Dr Vasanth Kumar reached the hospital with four bottles of petrol strapped around his waist and tried to immolate himself. Seeing bottles strapped on him, the hospital staff called cops who finally pinned him down after trying to persuade him for over an hour to give up, said a Times of India report.

Dr Kumar had been working as the casualty medical officer at the hospital, which is also the nodal centre for handling suspected cases of the dreaded virus and is the only testing centre for the virus in the state.

DME Dr Ramesh Reddy clarified that the doctor was placed under suspension over “unruly behaviour” during a review meeting on coronavirus cases held on February 7. He also rubbished claims of corruption made by the suspended doctor. He said that warnings were issued against him earlier too for blackmail and corruption charges.

Hospital superintendent Dr Sravan Kumar termed the suicide bid a stunt to seek attention. He said that Dr Vasanth had tried to bring bad name to the hospital saying it was unfit to deal with coronavirus cases when a central intelligence team visited the hospital on Saturday to review the hospital’s preparedness.

While Dr. Prabhakar Reddy is the nodal officer for coronavirus cases in the hospital, Dr. Vasanth told the officials that the hospital is ill-equipped, unprepared and there are hardly any facilities. He told them that Gandhi hospital is not fit to be a nodal hospital. By spreading untruth, he tried to bring a bad name to the hospital,” the superintendent was quoted by Indian Express as saying.

Dr. Vasanth Kumar, according to the superintendent, has been trying to take the administration to ransom and taking undue advantage of the post of general secretary of the Telangana government doctor’s association (TGGDA).

“There are many complaints against him. Around 2-3 cases are registered against him in the local police station. He was trying to extract money from the nearby medical stores. We have letters from these stores to prove this,” said the superintendent.

Two days ago, Vasanth was shunted out of the hospital and directed to surrender before the Director of Public Health, after a complaint of ‘misconduct’ was lodged against him by other senior doctors. The superintendent of Gandhi hospital initiated the proceedings against Vasanth citing his questionable track record.

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